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Cataract Treatment with eye drops

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Cataract eye drops

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Drops For Pets
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Cataract drops for pets

"Ethos Bright Eyes Drops"

Maintaining eye health is a major concern as we age. As we get older our eyes have a harder time fighting off free radicals that cause oxidative stress damage. This highly oxidized environment within cells comes about as a result of a chemical reaction from exposure to oxygen and sunlight. Since the lens of the eye acts as a light shield for the retina, it's no wonder it takes all the oxidative punishment. The destructive action of free radicals (oxidizing agents) also destroys enzymes that are needed to maintain cellular metabolismcataracts eye drops And, since blood flow decreases with age, the eye is further deprived of other essential nutrients for healthcataracts eye drops

We believe our cataract eye drops are one of the most advanced eye formulation ever developed and contains lubricants, and N-Acetyl-Carnosine, a Powerful Super Antioxidantcataracts eye drops This unique combination helps to soothe and rejuvenate tired eyes in a completely natural way, they have also been found to help with Cataracts and many trials by TV and Newspapers have confirmed their successcataracts eye drops

Other Information:

EBEP Cataract Eye Drops are 100% hypoallergenic and 100% Sterile.

EBEP Cataract Eye Drops are free of animal ingredients and may be freely used by vegetarians.

EBEP Cataract Eye Drops are safe and suitable for use on all animals.

EBEP Cataract Eye Drops are safe for use by diabetics and are compatible with all antidiabetic drugs.

EBEP Cataract Eye Drops can be safely used by contact lens wearers both hard and soft lenses.

EBEP Cataract Eye Drops are safe for use by people with glaucoma.

EBEP Cataract Eye Drops are safe for use by people and animals with cataracts.

Please read the testimonials from our customers showing their opinions on how using these eye drops have helped with their cataracts and improved their vision.

EBEP makes no claim that the drops cure or prevent any eye problems. The decision to use our products is the responsibility of the purchaser. However, we  know that our products are of the finest quality available.

It is also recommended that you take at least 1 gram of our Ethos Elan Vital L-carnosine supplement in powder form daily.

Why do EBEP Cataract Eye Drops sometimes sting?

The stinging sensation is mainly due to the pH level of the drops, which is 6.3 - 6.5.

Tears are normally 7.4 pH - if the pH level of the was this high they wouldn't sting but they would also be unable to be absorbed through the cornea of the eye into the aqueous humour in the anterior chamber below. As the pH of the drops is lower they are absorbed through the cornea via the process of osmosis. 6.3 - 6.5 was arrived at as the optimum level to maintain an effective delivery system balanced against the stinging sensation.

The drops tend to sting more when the eyes are tired - many people report that they sting more when they apply them at the end of the day, unlike those they put in first thing in the day.

The drops contain excellent lubricants, which soothe tired, sore eyes and work well to alleviate the signs and symptoms of dry eye syndrome and allergy related soreness. They take away the gritty sensation many people experience, especially after driving long distances or staring about a computer monitor all day.

People experience different levels of pain, and what is a mere temporary inconvenience to one can be immense suffering to another, even if only for a matter of seconds. The choice between invasive and potentially risky eye surgery, against a few moments of possible discomfort several times a day, seems quite obvious.

Those who use the eye drops to assist in clearing cataracts will rarely be informed that Cataracts (cross-linking of proteins) can form on implanted lenses over time. They will be aware of the risks of Cataract surgery and of the reason why a surgeon will only perform surgery on one eye at a time. Surgery is not always 100% successful.

Many use NAC eye drops to assist in clearing macular degeneration and eye floaters, and we know that they are very effective in reducing intra-ocular pressure related to glaucoma.

Ethos Bright Eyes Drops

Cataracts eye drops

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Disclaimer: Customers are responsible for checking with their medical professional before beginning any course of treatment. EBEP makes no claim that the drops cure or prevent any eye problems. The decision to use our products is the responsibility of the purchaser. However, we know that our products are of the finest quality available.

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