What our customers are saying about Ethos Bright Eyes Products

Below are a selection of genuine and original letters from our mail bag which we have received from delighted customers the world over. The original copies of which we keep on file and all of these customers have gladly given us their permission to use them to help extol the virtues of our Ethos Bright Eyes Products to help us to Spread the Word!

Great product...

I just wanted to tell you that your product really works and my dog can see 50% more than before the drops.

Should I order another round or be satisfied with he results I have?

Great product more people should know about your product including my vet who said nothing could be done except expensive eye surgury with only a 20% sucess rate.

John A Annerino

She does not need any cataract operation anymore...

My mother who is 75 years old and has been using your product for the past 13 weeks consistently (6x a day) went to see her eye doctor and the eye doctor said her eye cataract improved and that she does not need any cataract operation anymore.



Based on my personal experience, I am sure NAC can cure cataract...

I am a 57 year-old pharmacist and I have run my own pharmacy in Indonesia for years. I have suffered cataract since I was 45 years old, so my vision was getting worse and worse and my far sight was not good. This situation made me too difficult to read. I was very upset and I felt frustrated with the condition. When I knew from internet about NAC, I looked for the information deeper and tried to find the source and eager to try it. Luckily, my daughter stays in Aberdeen, United Kingdom, so I asked her to buy Bright Eyes drops for a trial. I started using Bright Eyes drop in January 2005 and this product is like a miracle to me because my vision is getting better. Although it is not fully recovered yet but I feel a lot of improvement. Until now, I have used 7 boxes of the Bright Eyes drops and still continue using it. Based on my personal experience, I am sure NAC can cure cataract.

Kind regards

Lily Sundarsih Wahjudi, Jakarta, Indonesia

Thank you for your product, I thank God He directed me to your website...

I have been telling everyone about the drops. I can see a little better out of my right eye now, but I know it will take time for my eyes to become not 100 percent, because they have never been 20/20, but I can see a difference more than I could before using your product.

All the doctors who looked at my eyes wanted to dig into my eye with that lazer stuff and give me an injection of some kind of steroid in my eye, in all honesty, I do not feel comfortable letting them do that, since I know they are trying to get the most they can out of my health insurance. No one ever addressed the dryness of my eyes or that the inflammation could be caused by my eyes being so dry, yet they want to stick me with a needle in my eye and play with the veins in my eyes with that lazer beam, before they operate on the cataracts, when the first eye doctor who prescribed my glasses told me my eye (right) looks like it had lazer surgery, because it had lesions in them already, so therefore I don't want to do anything that will take my eyesight away for good, at least with the drops I have a chance of seeing something more than nothing.

Thank you for your product, I thank God He directed me to your website.

Judy Monroe, New York, USA

After just seven weeks of use the white film has cleared from her eyes...

I just had to write to thank you for your bright eye drops. My mother, Chanahhei, is 79 years old and has suffered with cataracts now for many years. The Doctors wanted her to go into hospital for surgery but I don't trust them and hospitals much after our previous experiences with them so she hadn't gone. Then a couple of months ago a good friend of mine told me about your eye drops and that they could help her without the need for surgery. This sounded too good to be true but I decided to get them for her as I feel anything is preferable to surgery and she is my mum and I'll do anything for her.

I started putting the drops into her eyes for her every day, once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and then again in the evening.

Already, after just seven weeks of using them the white film has cleared from her eyes and there is now just a very small patch left in the corners. She can now see my finger again which she couldn't before and everyday like clockwork she reminds me that it's time for her drops. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product and I am now telling everyone about them and how great they are.

Our very best wishes to you and your company.

Mary & Chanahhei - Middlesex

My mother had a cataract starting and it has cleared away...

My testimonial on Bright-eyes.... my mother and I have used the drops for some 4/5 months with excellent results. My mother had a cataract starting and it has cleared away... completely. I use the computer for many hours a day and suffered from tired and sore eyes. I put 1 drop in each eye first thing in the morning and the result is that I can now work without any discomfort. If I've had a particularly gruelling day with a lot of driving in the dark I use another drop.... the results are immediate, they are impressive and they make my life much more comfortable.

If you suffer from sore or tired eyes, have a cataract starting or are of an age when a cataract is likely to start (+50) then I recommend Bright-Eyes. The drops are economical to use and they DO WORK. Try them!

Roger Cooke - Wakefield

Writing a letter without needing her glasses...

You'll remember me telling you about my wife Jill's and her writing a letter without needing her glasses. Well, here's a tip for other members which you may like to pass on to them.

In order for Ethos élan vital to have the best chance of success with your sight, don't wear your glasses out of habit when you first find you start needing them. Take them off again as soon as you've read that text, or whatever.. otherwise will just be helping you to adapt to your new glasses.

Remember your eyes have muscles which need exercising - and Ethos élan vital is good for muscle cells, amongst other things.

All the best.

Godfrey - Gillamoor

After two weeks reading has much improved...

Birgit in Germany is a hyper-sensitive and hardly any remedies agree with her constitution. They mostly are useless for her complaints anyway (electromagnetic influences, chemicals etc.). Ethos élan vital astonishingly (or not) agreed with her when she first tried it. But she does not take it as yet. She just takes the Eye-Drops. And after only two weeks she feels much better all over. And reading has much improved as well.

The blurred vision at night, when I am tired, is gone...

My eyes: I take Ethos Endymion *Bright Eyes* Eye-Drops since some weeks now. And the first impression was correct - they DO a lot of good. Not only can I ride my bicycle without sun-glasses again, the blurred vision at night, when I am tired, is gone. And lately I notice, when I walk around and accidentally reach up, that I do NOT WEAR my glasses!

Helga - Germany

In just two days, this has completely cleared...

I just had to write to let you know what an amazing product you have in Bright Eyes. As you know, I came to see you on Thursday so I could collect a box of Bright Eyes and get started using them straight away. To say the least I have been absolutely amazed by their benefits and the speed of the results I have seen. For many years I have suffered with 'gunk' in my eyes, especially upon waking in the morning. Already, in just two days, this has completely cleared and, as I mentioned above, I am absolutely amazed! Many thanks for such an amazing product and I wish you continuing success with your business.

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

Paul Eastaugh - Letchworth

My husband said - phone the optician to ask if I could drive, he said yes...

Some 10 years ago I was told I was developing cataracts from the outside of my eyes to the inside. Five years ago I was told I must not drive, having never learnt I was not too upset. Two years ago I was warned that the cataracts were just about fully formed and I needed 6-monthly check-ups. We moved house and what with one thing and another I did not get my eyes tested. I have now been using 'Bright Eyes' for six months. 

I recently went to the opticians and was told I had a bit of a cataract, also I do not need to see an optician for 2 years. I could not believe it. When I got home my husband said to phone the optician and ask if I could drive, he said yes. 

Now for the problem, seeing as the optician says I can drive, do I need to bother with all the performance of learning to drive and passing a test, and who in their right mind would ever let an old bid like me near their cars? So very, very many thanks. 

My husband went to the optician last week, he is starting to form a cataract in his right eye, needless to say he will be using 'Bright Eyes'. 

Mrs J Clayton, Cambs

No uncomfortable feeling and eyesight is fully restored...

After developing an infection caused by a fly entering my eye whilst cycling, I still had a very uncomfortable feeling in this eye and diminished visibility despite treatment from an eye specialist. Since the application of Ethos Endymion eye drops everything is back to normal again, i.e. no uncomfortable feeling and eyesight is fully restored.

Dr. Ulrich Spieker - Germany

I don't always need my reading glasses now...

I will be 64 in August and for some years I have had visual problems due to M.E. where my normal vision could be very blurred on poor days. For thirty years I taught textiles and my eye sight is very important to me as I execute fine work. I live in Cyprus and the heat and sun did not help particularly in the mornings and the evenings. The pain was excruciating as my eyes felt as if there were particles of grit under the eye lids and at the back of the eye balls. Myopia was evident and looking up from craft work using my half moon reading glasses I had to wait for my eye muscles to adjust before I could see in the distance. I also had pain, for example, when I was looking at my baby grandchildren as I was cuddling them because they were too close. 

I am serious when I say that my eyes are pain free now. I don't have pain when focusing closely and I no longer have to wait for my eyes to adjust from near to long distance or vice versa. I do use the full Ethos range - eye drops, capsules and powder. I had been taking the products for perhaps about six or seven months when one day it suddenly struck me how much better my eyes were in all the aspects I have mentioned. 

My normal to long distance vision is now as clear & sharp as when I was a teenager and I don't always need my reading glasses now, which is a big help when reading labels in the supermarket. 

Mrs M. Bennettt, Cyprus (in Blackpool at the moment)

My eyes have ceased running and itching...

I have been using your eye drops for 10 months and my eyes have ceased running and itching. Your drops also have a very pleasant cooling effect on my eyes. My recent eye test on 10-01-05 showed no change, although past years' tests have shown a need for stronger lenses.

Mr W. J. Kiff - Gwent

I had an in-depth eye test: NO SIGN OF THE CATARACT...

In October 2002, I was diagnosed with a small cataract in my left eye shortly afterwards a work colleague told me about the eye drops as seen on channel 4 'Richard & Judy'. I started using them, In April 2004, I had an in-depth eye test: NO SIGN OF THE CATARACT.

M. Shaw - Kent

Found the eye problem much improved...

Yes I have noticed an improvement with my eye problem. Since May I have been waking in the night with severe pain in my eye as though something was scratching it. The GP and the hospital consultant couldn't find the problem other than a dry eye? The lubricants they prescribed haven't helped. I saw an article in "Bella" magazine about your eye drops and my Grandson sent off for it over the internet. I have used four of the containers and found the eye problem much improved. I would like to order more.

Mrs J. Jones - Stoke-on-Trent

No more do I have itchy red or dry eyes...

For several years I have had a condition I believe is known as Sjoreus Syndrome, causing dryness of eyes and mouth. My eyes were always dry, itchy and red; although I was prescribed drops nothing made an improvement. A friend heard about Bright Eyes Drops and I became a member and started to use the drops about nine months ago.

What a difference! I use one or two drops morning and night. No more do I have itchy red or dry eyes, sounds dramatic I know but it has literally given me a new outlook on life. Thank you.

P. Gadsby - Surrey

There is no need to change your glasses...

After using Ethos Bright Eyes drops for around eight months I visited my optician for my annual eye test. He said: "That is most unusual. The cataracts that have started forming in both your eyes have not changed at all, therefore there is no need to change your glasses." He had not heard of Ethos Bright Eyes but when I showed him the packet he said: "Yes, it is quite feasible that a good anti-oxidant would work, and from your experience this one appears to be safe.

Mr J. Bean, Suffolk

There was no deterioration on my last visit (July)...

Dear Ethos, I have been using Bright Eyes drops for almost a year now. Although my optician diagnosed slowly-developing cataracts three years ago, there was no deterioration on my last visit (July) - whereas on my previous two visit the deterioration had been quite marked and specs had needed strengthening on both occasions - this time I was able to continue using the same spectacles prescribed in 2003.

I also supplement with lutein and bilberry and eat lots of blueberries and other foods rich in antioxidants.

I thank and bless Ethos.

Ms D. A. Brewer

I was able to see better, especially the small details...

Following lengthy treatment at Maidstone Eye Clinic for ulcers in my eyes I have been eventually cured but was warned of signs of approaching cataract, principally in my left eye and vision in that eye was becoming particularly misty. I have always had very good eyesight as did my father, mother and grandfather. I did not like the idea of plastic lenses. The optician proposed prescribing long distance lenses to see how things turned out. 

I therefore took the 3 month course of bright eyes as described in 'Richard and Judy' on T.V. I followed the instructions exactly, which is my custom with medicines. I have now completed the course and my vision is entirely excellent. 

I still drive, life-long clean licence, never a claim or offence. I have my M.O.T. test done by a small garage nearby, run by a friend from a family known for many years. I go every year but this last test was after 15 months because of some repairs. When I saw him I was shocked at how he had aged in this past year: wrinkled, hair flecked with white and grey, then it struck me that this was because I was able to see better, especially the small details (of course, I did not tell him!). 

I was 84 in August and I can, without glasses, read at the stipulated distance of 67 feet for almost every character of a vehicle number plate, while for reading or fine work all I need is a pair of ready made spectacles from the market place or multiple store. These are sold in various strengths and I have to use the strongest but I am just about to find these (400) no longer adequate, clearly, I have very little astigmatism. Both eyes are now equally good. 

As a pensioner my concern is the cost of the treatment if to continue indefinitely. It is not much but to a pensioner nothing is cheap and I would gladly pay it. I hope we can 'spread the word' enough to persuade the Daily Mirror to press for the treatment to be provided by the NHS. I will write to the Editor. 

Mr P. E. Everett, Sevenoaks

However, this visit, I was told that the pressure had gone...

Hi. For years I have had pressure in my eyes and visit the specialist. However, this visit, I was told that the pressure had gone. I do not need distance glasses, and will not for some time to come. Thank you. Oh and the cataracts I have are still in the early stages. I only ordered 15th November (Monday), got it this morning Tuesday 16th.

Mrs M. Nesbitt - Redcar

There is remarkable improvement in my vision...

I had cataracts in both eyes and was scheduled for operation in August 2004. My daughter was against surgery and introduced Bright Eyes drops to me. After applying 4 drops per day for 3 months, there is remarkable improvement in my vision as my ophthalmologist said that my cataract in both eyes are at the beginning stage and there is no need for eye surgery yet. Thanks to Bright Eyes drops.

Catherine (a diabetic with high blood pressure and high cholesterol)

And found I could read the numbers without my reading glasses...

I am 87 years of age and both my eyes are very watery and my doctor says I have signs of cataracts as expected at my age. I started to use the eye drops 1 drop each eye morning and late afternoon. After using 3 vials I find the eyes not as watery. But on going into the bank I was looking at the computer number pad and found I could read the numbers without my reading glasses. I am very lucky to have met ‘you all’ please carry on the good work you have started.

Mr R. M. Wilson - Whitby

My optician was surprised in the reduction of my cataracts...

I first saw an article in the Daily Mail about dissolving cataracts. I have been using the drops for six months when I went for an eye test in June. My optician was surprised in the reduction of my cataracts. I showed him the eye drops and he advised me to continue. Results may vary but I can recommend them to anyone with cataract problems. I am 85 and the drops have helped enormously. I cannot be without them.

Daphne Porter, Somerset

When I got my diabetic check-up, it was all clear...

I have been a diabetic for a number of years and take insulin twice a day. My blood sugar level has been inconsistent which is usually high then low, but should be 7-2 or there abouts. Since I have taken Ethos élan vital my blood sugar has improved to what it should be.

As for the Eye Drops, they have also helped my eyes as I had a slight shadow at the back of my eyes a year ago. When I got my diabetic check-up, it was all clear.

Kenneth Forrester, Scotland

What a wonderful difference they have made to my eyes...

I'm writing to thank you for sending the Bright Eyes Drops to me and to tell you what a wonderful difference they have made to my eyes. I began the drops on 22nd September. I started by using one drop in each eye and I was amazed at the feeling of open-ness and clarity right from the start. I have missed doing this once or twice since and I certainly notice the difference. I have found myself driving extensively during the last week or two and the weather conditions have not been very good, however, my eyes have not suffered strain or tiredness. As a 'treat' for them after driving, I administer one drop into each eye just before bed time, I certainly benefit from this. For the last two Fridays I have attended full day lectures 10am-4.30pm in Malvern, Worcs. It is a good one hour and a half drive there. I have been able, much to my delight, to write notes about the lecture without using my glasses. This is something I have not been able to do in comfort since needing glasses for reading for some twenty years now. So, I'm really pleased about this development, and what is more I can read what I have written! There was good natural light in the lecture room. Travelling home was in the half light which normally would have been a concern, but with the Eye Drops I was able to see clearly and without strain arriving home without stress.

Thank you, thank you for introducing me to this product, I shall certainly continue using the Eye Drops.

Rosemary Atherton, Gloucestershire