My whole family believe it has been the drops...

I thought I would let you know that just prior to my dog Mia being booked in for cateract surgery I order the first box of drops & then on the day of surgery her eyes did not pass the scans so they could not operate. When the first box of drops arrived I instantly started using them 3 times a day. 

Last Friday I had to take Mia to the Vet Optomologist for her first check up since that day - so it was exactly one month later (& using the drops for one month) & as soon as the Optomologist greeted Mia in reception her exact words were "Oh my goodness what have you done she is so alert, happy & her eyes are so bright" At this stage I was not sure whether to tell her about the drops or not as I know a lot of Vets do not believe in natural remedies ect. So I refrained from telling her. When she took Mia into the consulting rooms, she was still in shock on how well & happy Mia was considering she is almost fully blind. She has coped so well. 

My whole family believe it has been the drops. We were crossing our fingers when we first started using them that maybe a miracle would happen & she would get a little bit of sight back. Not sure if she has more sight back but now jumps off the bed (when we are not looking) & barks like she used to before she went blind. I believe she has a little more sight since using the drops. 

Thought you may like to hear about Mia. I am now about to open my second box. How long do you think I should continue using them for as I think if I stop she may deteriorate. 

P.S. The Optomologist said I now dont need to see you for at least 3 months & if Mia continues like this she will be with us for at least another 5-6 years she is 11 now. I have attached a photo for you.