There has been a noticeable improvement in his sight...

Charlie is now 16 years old as far as we can tell as he was a rescue dog who was only going to stay with us for 2 days until Jo (Our daughter) could find him a home as he was due to be put down that weekend! As you can see 14 years later he is still alive and enjoying life and still with us. Over the last 2 years he has developed cataracts, in one eye initially, and last year the second eye has gone the same way. As Jo had spoken with you re the eye drops we have since over the last six weeks been administering Bright Eyes to both eyes and to date there has been a noticeable improvement in his sight and his confidence and personality have had a big boost. 

We have over the last few months had to restrict his walks only on a lead as he would get completely disorientated - but this last week we have allowed him to walk without a lead albeit with a watchful eye from ourselves. This would not have been possible a month or two ago. We believe the improvement is slow but nevertheless has improved enough already to give him a better quality of life in his Autumnal years. 

Please feel free to use any information you need out of this brief text and I will try to keep you updated to his progresses as we go along. Good news about the other trials and I will try and see the Richard and Judy Show when it is screened.Thanks again and kindest regards and success for the future to all the team! 

Ian Dormon, Tunbridge Wells, Kent